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Obtaining zkSync Testnet ETH has become increasingly challenging as faucets are quickly being depleted.

In this guide, we’ll share a useful workaround.

Rather than trying to obtain testnet Ethereum directly from zkSync, you can acquire it from the Goerli Testnet and transfer it to zkSync Era Testnet using their native bridge!

Adding Both Networks to your MetaMask Wallet

Add Goerli Testnet and zkSync Era Testnet to your MetaMask Wallet

1. Go to https://chainlist.org

2. Add Both Networks (Goerli Testnet + zkSync Era Testnet):

How to get Testnet Ethereum to Pay for gas in zkSync Era Testnet ?

To get Goerli Testnet Ethereum, please check out the following faucet (You need at least 0.0001 Mainnet ETH in your wallet to be able to do this) :

Go to this Link: Goerli Faucet

1. Sign up with your Google Account on Alchemy

Sign up with Google

2. Click your are not a developer and Select Ethereum and the Free Plan and then Skip

Select your are not a developer
Choose Ethereum
Choose Free Plan
Press Skip
Write something random

3. Finally Insert your ETH Address and Claim Goerli Ethereum

Insert your Wallet Address to Claim Goerli Testnet Ethereum

Bridging your Goerli Testnet Ethereum to zkSync Era Testnet

After acquiring Goerli Testnet Ethereum, head over to

Connect to the bridge with Metamask. Make sure you select Goerli Testnet from Networks!

Input the amount of Goerli Ethereum you would like to bridge to zkSync Era Testnet and click Deposit.

You should receive the funds to your zkSync Era Testnet in under 5 minutes!

With this approach, you’ll have sufficient gas to begin testing on Bulletswap.

Now, you can freely conduct transactions on the zkSync Era Testnet as you wish. Since the transaction fees are minimal, you won’t require much Ethereum for gas payments.

More information about Bullet Swap Finance can be found by clicking on the following links:

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Bullet Finance

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