Introducing Bullets Bridge: Seamlessly Connecting BLT Tokens Across Blockchain Networks!

Bullet Finance
2 min readApr 24


  • Bullets Bridge is a revolutionary system on that allows for seamless transfer of BLT tokens across different blockchain networks.
  • Through the use of a smart contract, BLT tokens are locked on the source network and equivalent wBLT tokens are minted on the destination network.
  • Users can send BLT tokens to the bridge system’s smart contract on the source network to initiate the transfer process.
  • Once the transfer is complete, users can use the wBLT tokens on the destination network for trading or exchanging with other tokens.
  • To convert wBLT tokens back to BLT tokens, users simply send them back to the smart contract on the destination network, which burns the wBLT tokens and releases the original BLT tokens on the source network.
  • Bullets Bridge leverages the efficient and scalable layer-2 solution of the ZkSync network, ensuring fast transaction speeds and low gas fees for users.
  • With Bullets Bridge, transferring BLT tokens across different blockchain networks has never been easier, faster, and more cost-effective!

Join and experience the power of Bullets Bridge today!

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