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How to testnet on bulletswap

Bullets Finance is a revolutionary DeFi platform that can transform your experience in decentralized finance. With its advanced technology and ZKSync Era Technologies integration, you can enjoy lightning-fast transactions, enhanced security, and reduced fees. Join the DeFi revolution with Bullets Finance and unlock a world of new possibilities.

Today we are proud to officially launch Bulletswap on zkSync Era Testnet. This is a quick guide for the community to walk around the dApp and get accustomed to the main features that we will be rolling out on the Mainnet.


In order to start testing, you need Testnet Ethereum on zkSync Era Testnet.

We wrote a tutorial on how to get it:


Let us first introduce Bulletswap. The user interaction is relatively simple and straightforward. similar to what you might have seen before.

Bulletswap supports a number of wallets including Metamask and Wallet Connect

Connect Wallet

so once your wallet of choice is connected you can select the tokens from the dropdown menu on the right side of the swap box.

You can set your slippage tolerance for the trade, 0.5 % is the default setting for Bulletswap

Set Slippage

Once you submit the order and get approved, the transaction should be confirmed quickly.

Adding / Removing Liquidity

There are currently 3pools available on Bulletswap Testnet

Create a pair
Add Liquidity Pool

To add liquidity to any of these pools — select a pool with preferred trading pair (e.g. USDC/DAI)

To add liquidity Set custom price range for your position

Currently, we will use the liquidity pool of USDT — ETH as an example to show, more liquidity pools will be updated and released as we go.

Before adding liquidity, firstly you will need to approve the tokens to be spent. If you have ETH and would like to add liquidity to USDT-ETH pair, you will need to wrap it for WETH from Swap page first.

The fee tier defaults at 0.3%. The rate of 0.08% is recommended for stablecoin trading pairs. For the testnet we only have 2 fee tiers, but we will have much more for the mainnet.

We suggest our users choose a reasonable price range by themselves to maximize their capital efficiency, within which they might experience the most concentrated liquidity and the best depth according to the market.

A pop-up window will appear for you to review the details of the transaction, including the liquidity amount and the selected price range. If you are happy with the terms, click on the “Supply” button to finalize the transaction.

Your position will appear under ‘My Pools’ in the Earn section where you can remove your liquidity or increase the amount.

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